About Hamburger


A hamburger is simply a grilled or broiled sandwich, often consisting of one or more individually wrapped patties of lean ground meat, most often pork, placed directly in a slice of bread slice or bun. The patty can be either grilled, pan fried, smoked, or even flame grilled. Hamburgers can be of any variety, with the traditional burger being the largest with six or more patties. Other popular styles include American, which are served with grilled onions and Swiss, which are served with grilled asparagus and mushrooms.You may find more information at hamburger.

In order to make a hamburger, the meat is first marinated for hours in salt and spices, then placed in a large cast iron skillet, which has been prepared beforehand. After this preparation is complete, it is cooked on a hot grill for about 2 hours, until it is done, which depends largely on the amount of fat on the meat and also the humidity in the surrounding air. Then, the patty is removed from the heat and placed on a bun. Depending on local tradition, the bun may not have special sauce applied.

Hamburgers are typically served with all the fixings and then some. Typically, on a hot summer day, the traditional fixings consist of grilled onions, Swiss, green peppers, onions, and spicy mustard. On particularly busy days, other items may be added, such as canned tomatoes, sliced fresh tomato, olives, and the ever popular French mustard. A hamburger bun, served with its traditional fixings, is served with this delicious dish as a starter dish at many restaurants.


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