Bathroom Tile Remodeling Budget Plan

Many facets of your budget that you might not have noticed should be considered when preparing a bathroom tile remodel. After working on hundreds of remodel projects over the years, there are a few problems that I’ve noticed that homeowners might not be aware of.Learn more by visiting¬† Bowers Plumbing & Remodel

Bathrooms are cold, wet environments that are exposed to moisture, chemicals, heating, and cooling on a regular basis. This relentless attack gradually wears down paint, caulk, grout, and surfaces, causing a slew of issues that can be difficult and costly to overcome.

In some cases, building methods have progressed, but in others, they haven’t. While materials have improved, their use in new construction has been limited due to cost considerations. This will cost homeowners much more money in the long run. I despise it when the government imposes building policies and products on people and contractors, so I recommend that homeowners and contractors educate themselves on how to use and adopt better materials and practises.

So, which is preferable? Over wood, we almost always used Hardie Backer or a similar material for walls and floors. Using larger tiles, such as Natural Stone, rather than the standard 4×4 ceramic tile eliminates grout lines, resulting in less wear and eventual leakage. The depth of the grout is increased with thicker tile, making it more water resistant. A vapour barrier installed behind this supporter will add another layer of protection against water getting into the framing. If money isn’t an issue and you just want to go “postal” to avoid water from escaping, follow the steps above and then cover the whole backing with Merkrete. Since it is commonly used in industrial applications, the contractor would be familiar with it.

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