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Family lawyers are specialized legal practitioners who specialize in matters concerning family law. They deal with legal matters pertaining to individuals related to a family, including children, grandparents, parents, spouses, domestic partners, foster parents and others. They have the responsibility of defending and helping to protect the legal rights of these family members. These rights may include physical custody of children, adoption, surrogacy, spousal support, and inheritance among others. Gerald Tomassian, Fresno is an excellent resource for this.

A person seeking the services of a family lawyer attorney would most likely be involved in a recent unresolved divorce. This divorce may have been triggered by domestic conflict, separation or possible separation due to grave abuse, violence or addiction. When seeking legal advice relating to divorce, couples need to also inform the court that they are seeking assistance for an important legal matter-in this instance, family law attorney.
In instances when a couple is having a contested divorce that has roots from domestic conflict or other factors, custody may become an issue. In this case, one or both parties are contesting the legal rights and privileges of each other under the law. While a divorce mediator may be appointed, the court will still make the final decision in the event of a divorce settlement. In order to have their rights protected and to prevent a fight from taking place, individuals with a desire to preserve their legal rights may consider hiring a family law attorney to represent them before the court. For information on finding a qualified and experienced divorce attorney in your area, clients may refer to online resources for more details.


Gerald Tomassian
3419 W Shaw Ave #1, Fresno, California 93711
(559) 216-0795

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