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In addition, the defendant is free to meet with or call his attorney or public defender as time permits to arrange and discuss the case while out on bail.  You have some responsibility if you are the one who posts for an arrestee. When you sign a bail bond, you are referred to as an indemnitor. This implies that you are in charge of the person who has been freed. You could be held liable for paying up the bail to the bondsman if they escape town and refuse to appear in court when the time arrives.Learn more by visiting  Gastonia Bail Bonds, Gastonia

So, before you sign anything, take a moment to think about it. Do you have enough faith in the person to believe that he or she will appear in court when the time comes? If the answer is affirmative, you may proceed to sign. If you have any doubts, you might not want to sign. If you do, you must do everything you can to protect yourself by ensuring that the defendant attends all of his or her court dates.

If you are in need of bail bonds, there are some common misconceptions floating around that you may need to be aware of. These confusions can prevent you from getting the help that you need to get yourself out of jail.

In some states you may be able to negotiate with your bondsman, but chances are it will do little good. First, some states set the price that these companies can charge. They are not allowed to charge more or less than a set percent, which makes the fee non-negotiable. If they did negotiate, they would be breaking the law. In states where this is not the case, strict competition among bondsmen makes it difficult for you to negotiate. There is some truth behind this misconception, because using a bondsman is going to cost you, and to some, that cost is substantial.

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