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This article argues that payroll taxes have a generally negative economic impact, as they (a) stifle job growth, (b) stifle industry and economic activity in general, and (c) aid in the preservation of income inequality and economic mobility. While some of the concepts in this article are common and can be extended to any economy, it focuses specifically on the tax system The primary payroll taxes in the United States are imposed at the federal level, with the social security tax being by far the most important. Checkout Tax Shark for more info.
The Medicare tax is a smaller but still substantial component of the payroll tax. The FICA levy, which combines the Social Security and Medicare taxes, is named after the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, which established them. The employer pays half of the FICA tax and the employee pays the other half; self-employed citizens pay the whole tax. In certain cases, it doesn’t matter who pays the tax; the total amount deducted by the government from the amount charged by the employer before the money enters the person’s wallet or bank account will be the same regardless of who pays it; the issue of who pays is merely a record-keeping detail. A business can use representative employees or agents to advertise its goods and services, as well as a kiosk or booth to show its wares. In each of these cases, the organisation is engaging in some kind of solicitation. The activity of solicitation is what decides whether or not a nexus has been created. However, a number of states have set strict criteria (number of days spent at a trade show) to determine whether a company exhibiting at a trade show has formed nexus in the state.

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