Information About Long Island Emergency Power

Generators are a crucial part of our everyday lives, but like all machines, they need to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis for efficient operation and for safety reasons. Servicing your generator every six to twelve months is an ideal schedule since it allows you to catch any problems as early as possible, thereby minimizing the chance of costly repairs. To help you maintain your generator efficiently, we have created a generator maintenance checklist that can be followed to keep your generator running at peak performance. The following steps are designed to help you find and fix common problems with your unit in the shortest time possible.Learn more by visiting Long Island Emergency Power-Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance Checklist – Step One: Every six to twelve months, perform a simple set of basic maintenance tasks, including checking the coolant level and the engine oil, every week. If your primary power source is a utility company, call them first to make sure your unit is properly serviced. If you own the generator yourself, check to see if the manufacturer’s service manual has an inspection schedule that you can follow. A qualified technician should check the electrical components of the backup system (in case of a major problem) and may also inspect your fuel tank and filter for leaks or other potential problems.

Generator Maintenance Checklist – Step Two: During your weekly generator maintenance check, make sure the battery cables are secure and are not disconnected. Turn off the main power switch, unplug the power cord from the receptacle, and check the power switch and fuse for signs of damage. Turn the generator back on, and start it up. When starting the machine, make sure the fuel pump is in good operating condition. If you find any malfunctions during this process, contact a qualified technician immediately. After you have diagnosed the problem, you can schedule a technician to come and take a look at your backup generator in person or using the online generator maintenance tool.

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