Look For Cash Home Buyers

Put a tried-and-true strategy in place that will allow you to buy a home right now – and:

  1. Upgrade to a larger house easily when developing a large savings portfolio, or 2. Be able to pay off your mortgage immediately while requiring additional payments. You can get additional information at Cash Home Buyers Atlanta – Snellville cash home buyers

The keys to this strategy are straightforward. What you need is a basic understanding of how to handle your salary, interest, and equity.

For the first time, you’ll even need to purchase “less house” than you’re eligible for.

Over the course of my several years in the real estate business, I’ve seen that there are two types of home buyers. They’ll be referred to as Type A and Type B.

Homebuyers of Type A

Kind A homebuyers are cautious. They resist the temptation to take in more than they can handle. Their first house is less expensive than they would handle.

They are not in a hurry to purchase fresh furniture on loan. They don’t purchase new vehicles or demand to get one of the newest high-priced goods.

As a consequence, their finances aren’t strained, they have more cash to spend and save, and they aren’t tempted to use high-interest credit cards to cover life’s unexpected expenses.

They mostly operate on a cash basis. They do not purchase it if they do not have the required funds.

This way of life may be common to you. This is how our ancestors, parents, and previous generations lived.

Homebuyers of Type B

When it comes to owning their first house, Type B home buyers take a distinct approach. They purchase a house for the full sum they are accepted for, and waste the rest of their money on new furniture.

They would almost certainly take advantage of any of the “12 months same as cash” sales to purchase still more new furnishings, and they will conclude that they need a new vehicle to fill the driveway.

The budget has reached its cap at this stage. Any paycheck is spent on expenses. There is no capital left around to spend or save.

Things are just going to get worse. The refrigerator breaks down, forcing them to purchase a new one with a high interest credit card. The “12-month same-as-cash” period has ended, and further contributions will be made to an increasingly overburdened budget.

Then one of our Type B Home Buyers loses his or her job. There are no back-up plans in place. You can guess what comes after that.

o Bills that are past due o Mortgage payments that are past due

o Bankruptcy is a possibility in some cases.

It didn’t have to be like this….

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