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Personal injury lawyers share some of their experiences in their profession, in addition to fighting for something that is justifiable. Blogging is one means of disseminating it. Lawyers have their own unique way of expressing unforgettable events in their lives. One example is the two young ladies who were killed when their Enterprise rental car crashed and caught fire. The parents were awarded a total of $15 million. Visit us for great deals in personal injury lawyer
The crash occurred in the vehicle they were driving at the time. The car collided with a large tree, and the driver was unaware that the vehicle had power steering hose issues a year prior to the crash. The hose could burst, resulting in a burn. It was discovered that the car in question had not been fixed. Aside from that, the car had been leased three times previously, with the victims being the fourth.

It goes on to say that the company’s attorneys sought to prove that the accident was caused by the driver’s reckless driving. The award came as a relief to the parents since the settlement had been in the works for around five years, during which time the enterprise corporation had been attempting to clear its name in relation to the accident and insisted that they were not at fault. Until the company acknowledged that the accident was caused by their incompetence in responding to a car problem, which was the primary cause of the crash.
The best part of the case was when the company president said that he was unaware of the car’s technological problem until a year before the accident. Their policy was to keep their reservations open so that they would be informed of any changes to the rental cars. If they run out of vehicles, they are forced to release cars that are in poor condition and need further inspection. Employees of the corporation are now at risk of renting recalled vehicles.


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