Fort Collins Car Towing Association- Some Insights

If you either run out of gas or blew a tyre, the towing might well end up costing more than $1000, and they’ll keep the vehicle until you pay up for the time. There was also a warning recently issued by the insurer Allstate stating that they frequently met these tow trucks. Bandit tow trucks, they call them.Do you want to learn more? Visit Fort Collins Car Towing Association

Why would Allstate be so involved in keeping their clients protected from dishonest tow truck operators? It’s just that when customers are involved in these bandit tow trucks with comprehensive insurance or crash insurance, it’s the insurance provider that actually has to cover the claim. And of course, as their prices increase, by increasing rates across the board, they’ll make up for it. But how do you stop being taken advantage of when you’re lost and helpless on the road?

If you didn’t call or a police officer didn’t call for a tow truck to come by, never give them permission to help you. Make sure you use only a service that is screened and okayed by a roadside assistance programme you have signed up for if you want to call the towing operator. When you call the operator of a tow truck, make sure the one that shows up is really the one you called. Whatever happens, make sure that you do not send any details to your truck operator about your insurance.

Even if you are stranded and you just want to get home fast, what you’re looking for is for a towing company that will take your car to the repair shop you normally go to or a tow truck that will take you home. If they take you to a weird repair shop, chances are they’re going to charge you for keeping the car every hour. They also take your car not to a repair shop at all, but to a parking lot where the imposed cars are housed. What they’re looking for is an opportunity to charge you storage fees for the vehicle.

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