The Evolving Role of Orthodontists

Before we get into a deep dive into the changing position of the orthodontist, it’s probably a good idea to refresh our memory on who they are. This will be for the good of all of us who are first meeting them. Orthodontists, as it turns out, are dental surgeons who deal with tooth alignment problems. It’s worth remembering at this stage that teeth, like all other parts of the body, are attached to other parts of the body, specifically the jaws and the maxilla bones. Now, how the teeth protrude from these other supporting sections has a lot to do with how well they’re aligned. Do you want to learn more? Click Do Good Dental.

To be honest, only a few people have what can be described as perfect tooth alignment; that is, if we can agree on what we mean by “perfect.” This is normal; after all, only a few of us have perfect postures or complexions. We don’t mind flaws as long as they’re within a reasonable range. However, if they are outside of that range (or if we persuade ourselves that they are, even if they aren’t), we will become distressed and pursue ways to fix them. This is where orthodontists come in: as the professionals to see whether you believe your teeth are seriously misaligned and need to be corrected.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that in some situations, the imperfection of teeth alignment can be so severe that it causes functional problems in the lives of those who are affected (that is, beyond the aesthetic concerns). This is similar to when the misalignment of teeth is severe enough to make chewing food difficult or speech difficult. Orthodontists were historically called in at this stage to address serious teeth alignment issues that were literally interfering with the lives of the people with whom they were present. The average orthodontist (of which there were few in those days) would spend his or her days hopping between hospitals, treating patients with significant misalignment issues, usually children. That was how the orthodontists spent the majority of their time.

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