What Is Elder Law?

The area of “elder law” (also known as “elderlaw”) is a relatively recent one. Attorneys who now practise in elder law used to serve as succession planning, disabilities, or government insurance attorneys until the word was coined. It became accepted as a different and distinct form of legal expertise over time. Elderlaw was quickly recognised as a distinct discipline by state boards of specialisation. The National Academy of Elder Law Lawyers, the only national association committed to elder law, was established in 1988 to concentrate on the legal needs of the elderly.Learn more by visiting Law Offices of Bryana Cross Bean – Puyallup elder law

Attorneys who wish to deal for the aged and disadvantaged should be acquainted with the following topics:

Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, and SSDI are federal and state government benefits services for the aged and disabled.

Wills and the Constitution

Trusts and the Rules

law of real estate

spouses’ legal privileges

Contract law intestacy laws inheritance tax income tax —and they have to be very decent at math, since part of their benefits preparation also requires them to build spreadsheets and run complicated equations!

An elderlaw solicitor must still be willing to interact with a senior who might not be as bright as he or she once was, as well as clarify the nuances of a complicated and byzantine set of legislation, regulations, and laws to the whole family.

Finally, it helps if the elderlaw solicitor is a good counsellor, since the “right” option isn’t really the one that the attorney might like for himself, but rather the one that suits the client’s family dynamics and cultural context. An established elderlaw attorney’s willingness to deal for several generations while also specifically serving the real “client” is a valuable advantage.

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