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Do We Need a Yoga Studio? One of the great advantages of learning some yoga postures is that from that point onwards you can spend as much or as little as you want on your yoga practice and your fitness. Yoga is one of the cheapest forms of overall health and fitness practice you can do.Do you want to learn more? Visit Yoga Spruce Grove

o You do it in bare feet – so no expensive trainers to buy.

o You can do it anywhere there is a bit of space in your house or outdoors – no studio or gym fees to pay.

o You can do it wearing anything stretchy and comfortable – no glamourous special outfits to buy

o You can do it on any non slip surface – no special mats needed if you are on the beach!

In fact the only things that you will find you need to buy (neither of which are expensive at all) is a non-slip mat for doing postures on if you don’t have anything at home that would work. Please note that you will slip on most carpets so they really don’t do the job and you will need a mat on top of them! The other thing is a light blanket to cover yourself with when you do your lovely relaxation posture at the end of the active asana routine. Most people have one of those lying around in the house so usually there is no extra cost involved in that at all. Anything else you might want as a prop to help you get comfortable in some of the postures can easily be found around the house – a pillow or cushion to sit on, a couple of book to rest your hands against if you need to raise your arms to reach a good balance and a blanket or towel to fold and roll and use as a rest for your neck or back.

So – do we need a Yoga Studio to go to? No! We don’t. If we have a mat, our memories, a space and a blanket we can practice yoga anywhere. In fact I have practiced yoga easily on a transatlantic flight by using sitting postures and my pashmina as a light blanket when I relaxed at the end! However having said all of that if you have the option of attending a yoga studio it is a great bonus for you will find like minded people there, a lovely atmosphere and some beautiful classes which are being lead by experienced Yoga teachers who will help you feel marvelous. You choose – the important thing is to do your Yoga practice! That is what makes life feel manageable again and your body feel lithe and alive. Enjoy!

Find out about Restorative Yoga by attending workshops such as the ‘Rising of the Phoenix’ and then use it yourself at home as part of your self help regime. You will find it quite amazing in its effects.

When looking for a yoga studio in the community, you should take into consideration the following questions: What kind of teacher will teach yoga classes?

The instructor’s training and certification are an absolute must. Any good yoga instructor will be totally open about their training and background in order to show their students that they are capable of giving them the best possible instruction. Before visiting the studio, ask about their background and their teacher certification. Look for reviews from students and instructors to get an idea of how the instructors are. If the studio has no reviews, don’t even go into that studio.

What kinds of classes can you expect to see on the studio’s schedule? Will you be able to find some time to do your own research, or will you need to sign up right away? If you have to sign up right away, don’t go to that studio. If you are lucky enough to have a spot, schedule your first appointment a few days prior to your scheduled class date.

Yoga studios are not necessarily expensive. Some charge by the hour. Some charge by the session. A well known studio may be more expensive than a new studio, but if you do some research you may be able to find a cheap studio. In order to find the cheapest studio, it is important to take some time to look at a few different studios and decide which one meets your needs the best.

Do some research on the different studio you are considering. Look at their website. Check out their teacher certification. Pay attention to testimonials, customer service, the types of equipment used, and what is covered in their studio rental policy. Take a tour of the studio. Ask about how long you will need to be there and if there is a guarantee on your session. You should never be under the impression that a yoga studio can only promise you that they can give you the best possible yoga class.

The yoga class that you attend is the most important decision. You want to make sure you are receiving the best possible instruction. and that the instructor will provide a positive and inspiring environment for your experience. You also want to know the amount of tuition fees will be.

In addition to looking at the above mentioned factors, it is also important to talk with friends or family members who may have attended local studios. It is also important to ask about the type of yoga classes that were offered, if there are any special discounts, and whether or not the studio offers personal training. or group classes. Find a Yoga Studio, find the best one for you. Give yourself the best chance to learn yoga. and find the best class for you and your family!

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