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Ear Piercing Facts

Ear piercing, also known as ear cartilage piercing, is the process of cutting or puncturing a section of your body, making an opening where an additional gem, gemstone, or artificial implant can be added. The traditional method was that this type of piercing was done by “surgeons” – meaning that they were professional medical people, whose job it was to make sure that the skin, or the cartilage, would not reject the foreign objects that were put into it. But today, with more people deciding to go it alone and not have any kind of doctor involved, there are other methods. And, with these methods available, many people are choosing to get pierced rather than go through the pain of having surgeons perform the procedure. There are two basic types of ear piercing: open and closed. The open method involves a small hole being cut in the cartilage and a piece of metal or other object is placed inside of it. A small loop is then created, and you simply thread the earring through this loop, and pin the loop under your chin or on your hairline, so that it’s completely hidden from sight. Closed earrings require that the opening be made by a professional. These will usually have a small ring, or a barbell, put into them before they’re threaded through the opening, and there’s a small metal ring, or knob, on each side that controls how far the earring will stretch. Check EarPiercing.

Ear piercings have been around for centuries, and they have been used for different purposes throughout time. Some cultures would actually use the ear piercing as a way to identify their social status or rank in society; others would use them for the purpose of gaining sexual favors or even for gambling. However, today’s popular use is as a fashion statement – if you have your ears pierced, chances are, you want to wear some really cool jewelry. If you’re not into wearing jewelry, but still like the look of earrings, there are other types of body piercings available that are just as cute, if not cuter, than your ears. Whether you want to go all out and get stud earrings or you just want to stick to jewelry that has a more subtle look, it’s pretty easy to find whatever style you want.

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