CBD Tincture – An Analysis

Asking a Pharmacist is the only way to get a straight answer on the subject of CBD tinctures of CBD oils. Asking a pharmacist is a bit like asking a chemistry professor how carbon dioxide is classified as gas or water. The answer you get may vary depending on who you ask. A person may respond differently to the question of which is better – marijuana or CBD oil. That answer depends largely on whether one is using recreational marijuana or CBD oil for medicinal purposes. Visit CBD American Shaman of Murphy – CBD Tincture.

The main difference between CBD tinctures and CBD oils when it comes to the therapeutic uses is in the source of the therapeutic substance. CBD pharmaceutical grade is derived from the cannabis plant, whereas oil and CBD pharmaceutical grade is derived from alcohol base oils. Since CBD pharmaceutical grade is derived from cannabis plants, it is considered one of the most pure forms of the therapeutic herb. This is because no chemicals such as THMs or RNPs are added during the cultivation process. In contrast, CBD oils and CBD tinctures contain little or no alcohol base, therefore it is considered less harmful compared to other pharmaceutical grades such as prescription drugs derived from alcohol base.

The main difference between CBD tinctures and CBD oils is based on the manner in which they are processed. While CBD pharmaceutical grade pharmaceutical products are processed through a stringent four-step process, CBD oil does not undergo this process. CBD pharmaceutical grade products are effective but it can be difficult to find them at the right price. As a result, many people prefer to locate CBD tinctures rather than CBD oils for cheaper prices.

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