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A truck wash can be a lucrative business to own and operate. Despite the fact that many businesses and industries have suffered as a result of the recent recession, trucking companies are profitable and doing well. Truck drivers are in short supply, which may be of interest to you if you’re seeking for work right now. Now, as long as the truck wash provides exceptional service and quality while charging a reasonable fee, referrals and word-of-mouth will keep them busy. Speed Clean Truck Wash, Grand Island is an excellent resource for this. Getting occupied in the first place, on the other hand, is a challenge. And if you’re a new truck wash that’s just getting started, most truckers aren’t aware that you’re there, and they won’t stop until they hear something good about your operation and the quality of your work. As a result, it’s critical to understand how to sell a truck wash. Because I have a lot of industry knowledge, allow me to share three extremely significant recommendations with you below:

  1. Referrals should be made via the C.B.
  2. Make contact with dispatchers from businesses.
  3. Partner with truck stops within a 100-mile radius to co-market

Okay, we all know it’s illegal to use a CB or Citizens Band Radio for anything other than conversation. You can’t use it to broadcast commercials because that’s not what it’s for. However, this does not preclude a satisfied customer, such as an independent owner operator truck driver, from bragging about how great his vehicle looks after you’ve washed it.

When a customer compliments you on a job well done, thank them, but tell them you’d rather he get on the CB and brag about his spotless truck. In other words, you’re recommending that the truck driver spread the goodwill and refer you some new business. They will, and they will tell everyone within earshot what a terrific job you did for another 50 to 100 miles down the freeway.

The next step is to contact all of the companies that own a large number of vehicles and speak with their dispatchers. Ask a satisfied driver from a large trucking business for the phone number of their dispatcher if you see one. Then, if they referred their drivers to you with a voucher for payment for their truck wash, make a call to the dispatcher with some form of discount scheme.

Contact Info

Speed Clean Truck Wash
3404 W Wood River Rd, Grand Island, NE 68803
Phone no: 308-210-9060

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