Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine. What Business Model Is Best

Many doctors have chosen to collaborate with major franchise concierge medicine organisations to assist them with the starting and transitional needs of their practise. More than half of all concierge physicians, on the other hand, have chosen to work with accountants, attorneys, practise managers, and business consultants to help them transition to the new practise model. Independent physicians who prefer not to be a part of a major franchise operation and instead transition with a smaller consultant should assess their fee structure and price them competitively as more doctors continue to investigate and maybe move into concierge medical practises. Visit us for great deals in Partida Corona Medical Center, Las Vegas

According to a private consultant specialised in Direct Primary Care models, he conducts a detailed examination of the practise to identify areas where costs might be cut. He performs a 12-16 week conversion after conducting a survey of the physician’s patients. Only during the transition are fees collected. He assists in the training of physician personnel to provide membership services when a successful conversion is achieved. He knows that if customer service is maintained, the practise will continue to grow without the need for more services.
When they first opened, most doctors who now practise concierge medicine fell into one of two intelligence-gathering types. They could either hire a franchise concierge firm to help them with the specifics or do it themselves and surround themselves with a local team that could advise them on how to get started with this practise model.
Over the last four years, The Collective has discovered that concierge doctors working under the auspices of a major franchise concierge organisation or consultancy will charge between $1,200 and $1,800 per patient on average, with patient loads ranging from 300 to 750. This allows the practise to compete with local retail clinics, pharmacy chains, and primary care doc-in-a-box practises, as well as attract the population that the practise requires to succeed in their market. They also discovered that many independent concierge doctors who elected not to follow a franchise business model charged substantially higher fees for their services, ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 per patient, and opened with a customer load of 75-180 individuals.
The “Fee For Non-Covered Services Model,” which underpins most franchise concierge medicine business models, reduces the size of a medical practise to a more manageable patient load, with patients agreeing to pay a fee in exchange for more time with their physician, an annual physical, and more personalised access and service. Both the members and the doctors are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle. Approximately 80% of concierge doctors accept most major insurance plans and engage in Medicare, according to a national survey of concierge doctors conducted between 2010 and 2012. S2M_1433


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