San Antonio Child Support Lawyer – Facts About It

Child support is an important aspect of having a family that you love to have and it is something that can be a big issue for parents to understand. Many people get or pay child support, but most people are not aware of some important facts of this type of support: child support generally continues until the child reaches the age of 18, even if the child isn’t married, on active duty in the army, or self-supporting prior to turning 18. Another important fact of this type of support is that the amount that is being paid will change each year by order of the court. A parent who has already been ordered to pay child support may continue paying the same amount until they reach their first anniversary as well as any additional anniversaries that may be added into the current agreement. Visit Sralla Rodriguez PLLC Family Law San Antonio – San Antonio Child Support Lawyer.

Another fact about child support is that the support agreement can change over time. If a parent changes jobs and a new amount need to be paid, the new agreement can be made out of court. Parents may also be able to get an increase in the amount of child support that has been ordered. A parent could end up getting more money than they actually owe because there can be a lot of factors that can affect child support payments. For example, when a parent has a child through adoption, they will often be awarded support through that particular source which is not usually the same amount they will get when they are raising the child as a non-adoptive parent.

Child support is an important part of raising children. The payments will help with expenses that would not be able to be met without the support being paid. Even though child support payments will vary from state to state, many parents need to keep a record of all of the payments they make as well as the amount that is currently being paid. This will help them in the future to ensure that they are making the correct amount of payments every month and in the case of abuse of the support system, may be able to take steps to stop the situation from getting out of hand. This is why you should find an experienced child support lawyer who can give you all the information you need to know about child support laws. and how to go about getting the proper child support.

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