What Is The Difference Between A Golf Cart And An Electric Car?

Golf Carts, also known as Golf Trolleys, is very useful vehicles that can carry a couple of people around the golf course with ease. A Golf Cart is a small automobile usually designed originally just to carry two golfers and sometimes their golf clubs as well, on dry desert trails or in the green area surrounding a golf course. The gas powered engines of Golf Carts tend to be relatively large, which makes them easier to handle than many cars. A golf Cart is very popular today due to its low price, high fuel capacity, reliability and high safety ratings.Learn more by visiting Carts & Parts, LLC, Union City

Fiberglass Golf Carts, also known as Micro Golf Carts, use lightweight polyester film instead of glass to protect the occupants from the sun and sand. Fiberglass Golf Carts is very reliable, but also has a tendency to roll over on occasion. Most fiberglass golf carts have fiberglass body panels which are attached to the vehicle by hollow inflatable pontoons. They usually have rearview mirrors as well.

Many people feel that Golf Carts is similar to electric cars, but they are not actually quite the same. Although both vehicles drive around on their own, electric cars have less power than a Golf Cart. Although you can accelerate faster with an electric Car, Golf Carts tends to climb hills a lot more quickly than an electric Car. Also, an electric Car will run cooler and use less gasoline than a Golf Cart. One thing to keep in mind when driving an electric Car is that if you are near traffic you should steer clear. In addition, if you are going up a hill you should avoid using your hand to push the cart.

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