Guidelines about Sensory-Motor Development

Next, some parents claim that the extra child-parent “quality time” available when a child attends half-day kindergarten is more valuable than the additional academics provided by all-day kindergarten. These parents would rather spend the extra time bonding with their children and enjoying places like the children’s museum, the aquarium, a local park, or the YMCA. For these parents, kindergarten is a way of preparing their infant, and themselves, for the transition to full-day school. Locally, some parents have expressed concern that our schools are too crowded to incorporate additional classrooms for all-day kindergarten sections. Others also argued that the district already has so much on its plate dealing with other fiscal and practical problems. Check out here Sensory-Motor Development near Me

The reality is somewhere in the middle,” my husband and I always say to each other. In my view, all-day kindergarten is a fantastic option for some children, but it is not a good idea to impose it on others. Some children will benefit in the long run from the increased academic rigour, while others will be disappointed because they lack the maturity to remain engaged for the whole day. The best approach is to have both choices, with the parent eventually making the decision (s). Our local district has outlined a proposal to keep half-day kindergarten available in some schools if there is enough demand to keep it running. It is my hope that as many parents as possible who prefer half-day kindergarten will be able to enrol their child at their local school, not just for convenience, but also to enable the child to begin socialising with the peers with whom they will be spending the rest of their lives. Every parent must cope with those “child-rearing stress milestones.” This is simply a result of making the decision to have children. There will simply be moments when the stress level of the parents is higher than normal.

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